Tyrant King of Kings Invitation

Okay gentlemen the hour of the time is upon us and the tournament is set to begin tomorrow.  I had initially thought 12 noon pst would be a good time, but have moved it to 4PM PST to make accommodations for more players.  The tournament should not take longer then 1 hour to complete, but time is of the essence, so you must be on time.  I will be sending you a link to a chatty chatroom on the day of the tournament.  You must be there by 4PM PST or face disqualification, so I suggest you show up 5-10 minutes earlier to prevent this from happening.  It will also give you ample time to intimidate your opponents in case you feel the need to.  =P

Once we are all in the chatroom we will randomly pair opponents together via a hat drawing (baseball cap for those interested in knowing what type of hat) and begin the single elimination rounds.  Once we move into the semi-finals & finals, it will become a best of 3 match up and players will be allowed to access their sideboards in round 2 & 3.  By the finals each player will have a vague or precise understanding of their opponents  main deck list, but to be honorable do not reveal sideboard cards as this will give a distinct advantage when making sideboard decisions in the finals.  There will be no disqualifications for sharing information, but as always, death before dishonor.

Please send in your final deck list that you are submitting along with 4 sideboard cards for later use via PM to me (dnaimagery).  Once you submit your deck list & sideboard cards you will not be able to change them, no exceptions, so make sure your happy with the cards you are playing & do not ask me to change your deck list after you have submitted it. 

If you are caught using a sideboard card when you are not supposed, using a card that was not in your original deck list, or any other sorcery or cheating you will be disqualified & banned for life from all my future events.

If you have any questions or need further clarification do not hesitate to ask.

Here is the list of current competitors.
Varamond - Men of Mayehm
darkblood1 - Zero Phobia
tbake07 - The Destroyers
netherflsh - Shinigami
skolu - Better World
decyfer111 - Pendulum
choaspig222 - Tyrants Club
dinocro - X-com
kadlerkj - warmongers
herc145 - Soldiers of Fortune
jimbo_extreme - ElectroMagneticPonys
superchar1998 - Noobz
koeniewoenie - Evocati
masterluke - Tyrants Club
c4bomb - Men of Mayhem

Reserves in line
1. Deadly1317
2. Novellean
3. TTekkers

Tournament Rules:
-Players will not be able to switch decks in between rounds.
-Players will have to submit entire decklist to dnaimagery prior to the tournament starting for deck verification plus 4 sideboard cards that will only be used in the finals.
-You may not sideboard commanders.
-Each round, at least 1 player must record the match otherwise both players are disqualified.

Screen Capture Programs (Free!)
Mac: http://captureit.en.softonic.com/mac
PC: http://www.hyperionics.com/

-No cheating tolerated.
-Single elimination until the semi-finals & finals
-Semi-finals & Finals will be a best of 3 matchup
-Semi-finals & Finals players will be able to sideboard up to 4 cards out of their main deck and replace them only with cards that they designated in their sideboard at the start of the tournament.
-Playing a card that you did not list in your main deck or in your sideboard at the start of the tournament will result in an automatic disqualification.
-Playing a sideboard card in a non-semi finals or non-finals match will result in an automatic disqualification.

-Tournament will be held on 1.19.2013 at 4PM PST.
-Decklists & sideboards must be submitted by 1.19.2013 3PM PST.
-If you are not present by 12 PM PST then a reserve will be allowed to take your place starting with Stormcommando followed by Deadly1317, then Novellean, and lastly TTekkers.
-If a higher ranked reserve is not present, then a lower ranked reserve will take his place.
-Reserves that want to have the chance to participate must show up at 12 PM PST otherwise they will not have the opportunity to show up.
-Reserves must also submit deckslists & sideboards

Prizes: -1st King of Kings Champion Forever Immortalized in DNA's Standard Thread
-100 Kreds Complimentary of dnaimagery 

If you have any questions, ask now.

Goodluck gentlemen.